Types of Discounts

Simplistically, discounts are reductions that you get on the MRP (maximum retail price). And if you are into the habit of saving, you simply cannot wait for discounts to hit the store. But did you know, many of you are eligible for getting special discounts by dint of your age or designation?

I agree that these discounts are not available in all the retail stores. But you surely have a way to save more if you fall under one of the following categories:


Military Discounts


Being a military person is one of the most respectable jobs. It is only fair if the country makes special provision for you to get exclusive benefits in the form of discounts. Many of the stores in the U.S. offer a military discount to active duty military personnel, veterans, military spouses, etc.

If you are a military person, you can avail a discount between 5% to 20% on products of reputed brands like Apple, Oakley, and Audi among innumerable others. However, Walmart does not offer this type of discount, but if you still want to avail, you can always resort to coupons.

In case you plan to avail the discount, do check their terms and conditions beforehand. Also, always carry your ID card, just in case they ask for proof.


General Discounts


Do not be sad if you don?t fall under any of the above categories. You can still save quite a bit by collecting coupon codes and printable coupons. From time to time, our site will update you about the best discounts going on products and services of some of the most sought-after brands. Just make sure that you note down the coupon codes and use them before they expire.

Many of the amusement parks and restaurants charge a slashed price for children. However, this type of discount is conditional. In most cases, it is valid only if the child is accompanied by an adult who is paying in full for himself or herself.


Student Discounts


Saving a couple of bucks is always a welcome thing for a school-goers. So, if you are a student, never hesitate to ask for a student discount. This type of offer is only valid with an ID and is mostly given by food chains, book stores, and clothing brands.

However, if you are not sure whether a place offers student discounts ?, just ask for it. No one loses anything by asking questions anyway, especially if one is a student!


Teacher Discounts


Some retail chains limit their generosity to just the students. But some others offer a discount to one and all who are associated with educational institutions say for teachers. One can easily get this type of discounts at book stores and food joints.


Senior Citizen Discounts


Now that you have lived most of your life working for your country, it is time for the country to pay you back in the form of exclusive privileges. So, various travel, garment, food, and pharmacy companies offer special discounts to senior citizens.

Some companies provide a week-long discount, while others give it on specific days of the week. To avail this type of discount, you can either do a bit of research yourself or subscribe to our email to know all there is about the places offering superb discounts to senior citizens.


Employee Discounts


Most of the brands have special schemes and discounts for the employees. The companies offer this type of discounts to lift the enthusiasm of the employees and implant loyalty for the brand.

However, the brands will also cap the limit of your purchase per month. Some brands like American Eagle Outfitters allows an employee to buy only his or her size of clothes, which is a bummer. Still, if you are eligible for an employee discount, you are a lucky one as you will be saving while spending.


Keep Saving!!