Preschoolsmiles Promo Code & Coupons [MAY 2020]

In this promo page, you will find EXCLUSIVE discounts, promo codes for Preschoolsmiles.

Additionally, you will also learn about the different events catered by Preschoolsmiles, operations at the photography program, and how to redeem the promo codes offered by them easily by the end of this promo page.

Still, waiting to add a new picture to your photo album? Read on further to avail of their services near you.


Preschoolsmiles Promo Codes [EXCLUSIVE]

You can try below mentions to get currently running offers:

**All Special Discounts for students got expired. Check back later**

$25 To Shop + FREE GIFT – Get this offer by ordering spring pictures. Offer valid for students, parents teachers literally for everyone. Read T&C



Preschoolsmiles Intro


Do you wish to capture the priceless moments you cherish with your family?

Seeing your family grow and prosper is a beautiful thing, especially when you have kids. Being a part of their journey right from their preschool years to college is something no parent would want to miss.

Knit these timeless experiences with a professional touch through, an advent of Lifetouch photography.

Preschoolsmiles has served families for years in giving life to beautiful moments for times immemorial.

Quite popular in some districts in North America, Lifetouch embraces the tradition of ‘Picture Day’ which marks the significant moments in a child’s life. This includes yearbook photographs, sports day, annual functions and other special occasions.

Lifetouch also offers promo codes on all of its services because there is no price to capture beautiful memories!


Why To Choose Preschoolsmiles Especially For Students?

What makes Preschoolsmiles the ideal photography platform in North America? Their promo codes, budget-friendliness, and a great team!

If that is not satisfactory, the below-mentioned features will certainly keep you hooked to their discounts.

  • They offer a host of customized options depending upon your requirements
  • There are many special packages available with special offers
  • They can be easily contacted about your event and discounts
  • The team of professionals sticks by at all steps of your journey


How do Preschoolsmiles Operate?

Preschoolsmiles powered by Lifetouch takes you through the easiest steps to get the perfect picture for all your events.

Their work front encompasses the following methods:

  1. Get in Touch with Preschoolsmiles: To kick things off, give them a call. You will be asked about some mandatory details like your name, expectations, theme, etc. The professional will discuss his or her ideas with you and also tell you about any promo codes that can be applied for your picture day. In the next step, you can take things forward.
  2. Finalize the Details for your Picture Day: Once the necessary details are discussed, they will fix up your Picture Day for you. Their means of communication will mostly be through mail, in addition to flyers, promotional offers, and Preschoolsmiles discounts. All these offers will be sent to you keeping in mind your idea of Picture Day.
  3. Submit your Class Roster: They will ask you for your class roster before the picture day. This will help them and subsequently you in preparing for the big day conveniently. They can help incorporate the main elements for the theme, poses and other criteria without any hassles.
  4. Get ready for Picture Day: They offer great support to its customers on the main day to bring out genuine smiles. Make your Picture Day a success with the efforts of the team.
  5. Get your Photographs from Preschoolsmiles: After all the hard work, they make your photos available faster than any other photography platform. It will be done in a matter of two weeks. While collecting your pictures, you can apply a new Preschoolsmiles promo code or coupon to get a better discount.


What’s Trending with Preschoolsmiles?

Spread the joy of family time with Preschoolsmiles promos, discounts and more on their different services.

The platform defines the way love can be pictured on various occasions through various methods. With the help of their coupons, you not only decide on a theme for your special school days but also get the bonus of doing so for a heavily discounted rate!

Get your first discount with Preschoolsmiles promo codes by availing one or more of the below-mentioned services:

  • The Awaited Picture Day: Whether you are camera shy or not, they help you to frame some of the best candid photographs without thinking twice. Happy, content and against a real backdrop is what the services they offer. Further, customer satisfaction is what they stand for by making them smile with not just beautiful pictures but hefty Preschoolsmiles discounts and promos. The platform caters to all kinds of services right from your junior years to college.


  • Yearbook Photos: A lot of kids are always nervous about their yearbook pictures coming bad. Their promos leave no stone unturned in making you feel relaxed and capturing a happy smile for your yearbook photos. Who said all yearbook photos have to be mundane? The professionals at Preschoolsmiles entice their customers with different themes, backdrops, and angles for poses to bring the best result in the end.


  • Family Photographs: How can photographs be complete without families being there? With Preschoolsmiles, capturing the perfect family photo is just a click away! You can use the photographs for your Christmas cards, greetings and the ideal framing at your home. Once the output is delivered, they can also make adjustments and changes to the photograph according to your requirements.


  • Commencements: Every important day calls for attention to detail. Witnessing a commencement at school or college? Rely on Preschoolsmiles to help you in capturing every second of the event from its inception till the end.


  • Other Special Events: You can avail of the Preschoolsmile services from the platform or call the customer support to enquire about the pricing. Get hold of your special event pictures before the rest through Preschoolsmiles promo codes and offers.

With all the services offered, Preschool Smiles is your ideal next door photographer to play an important role in all your important events. But how to redeem those promo codes we have discussed above?

In the next section, you will learn more about their operations and what makes them the best photography platform available in North America.


How to Redeem Promo Codes at Preschoolsmiles?

Which promo code for Preschoolsmiles is suitable for your requirements?

This section provides you with the details of all the different coupon codes, discount vouchers and promo codes available for various services offered by, a product by Lifetouch.

You can place an order for one of these services and avail additional discounts at ease.

You can redeem the Preschool Smiles promos through the following steps:

Step 1: Visit via your web browser on your laptop or mobile phones.

Step 2: Select the order you want to place from the different services available on the website.

Step 3: Once you add the items to the cart, go to the Payment section and apply the promo code to receive the Preschoolsmiles discounts.

Step 4: Place the order and one of the professionals will get in touch with you to assist you with the same.


Which OLD Promo Codes can you Apply on the Preschoolsmiles website?

The detailed list below contains all the coupon codes available for different products:

MI232331YO: Avail a $20 credit coupon to spend at Shutterfly.

SAVE505X7: Get 50% off on a 5*7 Photo Sheet.

50CHEERS: A discount of 50% on the total cart value.

FALLSHIP10: Free delivery above $10.

DFSD23E4D/ oct20OFF / PHOTOGIFT20 / EARLY20: 20% additional discount on an order through Lifetouch.

12202017: Saturday special discount of $20.

10276917: Extra benefits on any order.

10forany: 10% off on your Picture Day special order.

12F2F3CC: For first-timers; enjoy a discount of 10% at Preschoolsmiles.

53D8BF7F: Additional 20 % discount on a minimum order of $100.

SAVE25: Get a 25% extra discount on your cart.

CXD3: Get some free gifts on every order!

10D336FO: 35% extra off on cart value above $200.

F5ZSK29M / SHIP18: Avail free shipping on a cart amount of above $10.

SPG30: Extra 30% off on your order.

SAVE10: For an additional 10 % discount on your total order.

[ Update: Most of the promo codes got expired. Try at your own risk ]

If you think that is all you get at Preschoolsmiles, the next section will fill you up on more coupons available on the website.


Ways to Get More Discounts at Preschoolsmiles

Preschoolsmiles have different coupon codes available on-site on different cart values.

Additionally, their social media handles on Facebook and Instagram also have various posts daily with Preschoolsmiles coupons and promo codes. They have more of these discounts available especially during the festive months.

Will you get a discount for ordering multiple packages from them? The answer is yes.

Once you purchase a full package, you will get a Preschoolsmiles discount coupon on the additional package you purchase.

The Preschoolsmiles promo code will be available on the printed form of the first package purchased.

You can also get in touch with the customer support team online or call on 877.381.8276 regarding any queries, feedback and offers on their services and products.


General FAQs Regarding Preschoolsmiles

preschoolsmiles promo codes coupons

Below are few common questions asked by the customers before and after purchases:

#How to find your Picture Day ID at Preschoolsmiles?

Once you place an order, your Picture Day ID and Security Code will be there on your order form itself. In case you purchase prints that have been delivered in a portrait envelope, the Picture Day ID and Security Code will be above the Payment Amount box.


#How to claim multiple children from the same centre?

You can add more than one child in your Preschoolsmiles account. Accordingly, you can purchase their Picture Day prints as and when needed.


#Can you view your child’s image before the prints are available?

Preschoolsmiles make it possible for you to view your child’s Picture Day photos 2 days after the photoshoot. These are easily accessible online.


#If you order a Class Picture, will it be available in a digital format?

Class pictures cannot be made available in a digital format.


#How can you ask for changes in your child’s pictures?

Preschoolsmiles understands your need for requiring modifications to any picture. You can request for a retouch by adding it to your cart and paying a nominal fee. Once received, the team will work towards rectifying the errors and delivering your prints to you at the earliest.


#How can you order your digital prints?

Once your digital prints are available, you can expect a mail from Lifetouch to link your account. Once logged in, you can claim your image and link your account to your other accounts. Once the first image is added on Lifetouch, you can avail more digital prints from Preschoolsmiles and add it to your account. Every time you order new prints, Lifetouch will send you an email notification about the same.


#What to do if your ordered purchase is damaged?

If you receive damaged prints, call the customer support team or call on 877.381.8276 to get immediate assistance.


#How to get a refund from Preschoolsmiles?

Usually, they do not create any inconvenience for its customers. In case of a refund, call the customer support team or call on 877.381.8276 to get immediate assistance.


#Why do you need to share your personal info with Preschoolsmiles?

They collect your personal information so that they can offer the best customer service to you without disclosing your details. In addition to this, the information stored is for security reasons alone. Through the means of email communication as well, Preschoolsmiles delivers customized offers, promo codes, and discounts. They also send the information about your purchase which is significant to only you, in a hassle-free manner.



Hence, Lifetouch’s platform Preschoolsmiles can bring your pictures to life through their professional antics and magical photography skills. They also expertise in creating videos and animations upon request. In case of copyright issues, you can request them for a Copyright CD which will incorporate all your digital images with safety.

Purchase your first product or service from Preschoolsmiles today and do not forget to avail of their discounts!

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