Pokemon Go Promo Codes List [MAY 2020]- How To Get?

Pokemon Go is a wonderful game developed by Nintendo. Because of its addiction, I regularly check for Pokemon Go guides, hero reviews, latest news, and moreover Pokemon Go promo codes & coupons generator.

But unfortunately, I couldn’t find any right resources at one place. Therefore, that’s the reason why I came with a blog that loaded with rich guides, reviews & promo codes to find easily.

Below you can find list of latest Pokemon Go promo codes:

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Let us discuss more asked questions related to this trending gaming industry:

How to get promo codes for Pokémon GO?

There are multiple ways to get these codes. One of best ways is to participate in promotions, another one is to attend special events by Niantic. You can also solve various reward challenges that are presented by Niantic to get Pokémon Go codes. But the best way is to get these codes effortlessly from sites like CouponVPS, Coupons.com.


Are promo codes for the use of a single user, or can everyone redeem a code of Pokémon GO?

Niantic has not answered this question clearly. However, in the game ‘Ingress,’ most promo codes expire after a certain number of users have availed them. Though some codes last for quite a long time. As both the games use the same mapping technologies, we expect this game will follow the same rule. Here is a list of Pokémon Go codes that will last for a long time.


Which operating system user can redeem the Promo Codes?

The promo codes that are made by Pokémon Go are easily redeemable by android users. Any other user cannot redeem the codes directly in the in-game store.


How to obtain Legendary Promo Codes?

There are various trusted sites where you can obtain legendary promo codes for Pokémon GO. However, you must know that entering a legendary code does not guarantee legendary Pokémon.

However, we are supposing that you can get legendary Pokémon as a reward by Niantic if you participate in their large-scale events.


Will Pokémon GO ban my account if I try promo codes randomly?

No, they will not. However, trying out random codes is never a good idea. Visit trusted sites and avail codes for sure shot rewards and discounts.


Does Pokémon Go give personalized promo codes?

No, this game does not give personalized promo codes. The codes that are given out by Niantic are for all. And once the date has expired or a certain number of users have availed them, the code become invalid.


Why are promo codes not available for iOS users?

Apple collects a hefty fee of 30% on every transaction. It does so even if the one makes a transaction offline, which is the same in the case of promo codes.

It is for the same reason you cannot make any non-Apple purchase in the app store of Apple. You will have to use a separate browser to do the same.


Can iPhone players use Promo Codes of Pokémon GO?

Yes, they can. But they cannot redeem it through the in-game store. There is a special site for iPhone users where they can redeem the codes.


How do Android users redeem promo codes in Pokémon Go?

Redeeming promo codes for android users is simple. Just follow the following steps.

1- Tap on the “Menu” on your mobile screen

2- Tap on “shop.”

3- Scroll down to the bottom of the page

4- Enter your promo code in the designated blank space

5- Tap on “Redeem.”

What are the types of promo codes in Pokémon GO, and how do promo codes work?

The mechanism behind the working of a promo code is simple. Promo codes consist of a set of characters that one needs to enter in the in-game store to redeem rewards.

The promo codes come in three types:

  • Single-use promo code
  • Limited by date
  • Limited by the number of redeeming


What type of reward does promo code give?

There is an array of reward that these codes give. The rewards range from regular drops to legendary Pokémon’s! It can give you lure modules, lucky eggs, Pokeballs, etc.


If I have a full inventory bag, can I still redeem a promo code?

You cannot redeem a promo code if your inventory is full.  If you try doing it, it will keep showing an error message. However, you can redeem the Pokémon GO promo code once you have space in your inventory.


Is there any region based restriction on the promo codes?

No, these codes are not region restricted. If you have a valid code, you can redeem it from anywhere on earth.


How to get free PokeCoins?

The best way to get free PokeCoins is to find a site with working promo codes that gives free coins. If you are an android user, you can redeem these codes through the in-game store. There is a special site for Apple users, where they can redeem these codes to get free coins.



Why are 2019 Pokémon Go codes important?

These codes save a lot of money and give stuff for free. By using a code, you can get various useful items in the game, such as – lure modules, lucky eggs, and Pokeballs.


Do Pokémon GO promo codes work?

Yes, they work. Once you have laid your hands on a code, make sure to redeem it ASAP! Because some codes are limited by the numbers of persons redeeming. If you do not punch in the code quick enough, chances are, you will miss out on it.


How does 2019 promo code of Pokémon GO look like?

The 2019 codes are hard to distinguish from their 2018 counterpart. These codes consist of a mix of letters and numbers or only letters in some cases.  They look like this,” GYARADOSPROMO1.”


Why my Pokemon Go promo code generator does not work?

You must understand that some codes are for single use only. Others are limited by date or number of redeems. If a certain code is not working, maybe it has reached its expiry date or has been maxed out.


What are the free Pokémon GO promo codes for 2019 and where can I find them?

Free Pokémon GO promo codes are issued by Niantic yearly.  It is a promotional strategy, so to get they can increase their global footprint via the maximum number of downloads which also generates revenue for them.

If you want to get the 2019 latest promo code list for this game, couponvps.com is the place to look for best promo code generator. We have researched and assembled a list of these codes that actually work!

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